PIDEC Procurement with high qualified employees are proud of its history for at least 25 years in a international pioneer design and engineering company in Iran has accepted and carried out total responsibility for procuring all relative equipment / materials in the awarded projects bearing with best quality complying with ISO 9001-2000 (quality assurance standard) and

ISO 14001 (environmental management standard ) from all qualified and well-known Vendors all over the world in timely manner as well as best delivery period and competitive price.

Our focus is and will always be on working with our esteemed clients to provide solutions to their needs.

PIDEC also as a leading Iranian Company in the field of engineering consultancy and execution of EPC and EPCC projects for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and refinery plants, enjoy the most skilful and well-trained staffs in Procurement division and utilize the latest tools including Computers aided with the advanced techniques to perform purchasing services, shipping, transportation, internal & external insurance and delivery of the materials / equipment required in the awarded Projects.

      Document Center

Today in the world, most significant factor of development is ability in design, construction, production &right usage of information, so in a nutshell it can say that:

Information in intelligent system cause knowledge and knowledge is power

Therefore, PIDEC document center in addition to maintaining & updating the technical codes & standards, keeping all project records, act as an adviser for information and fundamental section to support design & engineering activities.

PIDEC document center with suitable proficiency in national & international standards & references, through collecting users needs, render its services timely & in an efficient manner.

PIDEC document center through following responsibilities has been successful to gather a complete set of national & international resources related to oil, gas & petrochemical industries such as: ASI , API , ASTM , IEC , EJMA , DIN , BSI , AWWA , AWS , ASME , TEMA , NEMA , ISO , ISA , IEEE and it is over tried to act as a reliable supportive section for project activities with consideration of global technological changes and development.

1- To identify of national & international scientific entities.
2- To get in touch with national & international standards & codes publishers.
3- To Search for latest oil, gas & petrochemical codes & standards.
4- To Procure & classification of latest required codes & standards.